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FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

What is Bitcoiniffy? is a website that gives away different cryptocurrency to members for free by just visitng a short link. Each completed visit will entitle visitors free 15 free claims on our auto faucet. Claims are made every minute so 15 claims would give members 15 minutes of free claims.

How Can I Earn Cryptocurrency?

Members can earn cryptocurrency by collecting from our auto faucet. Visitors needs to register an account in order to claim from our cryptocurrency faucet.

How To Withdraw My Earnings?

You need a faucethub account and your bitcoin wallet address should be link to your faucethub account. Payments are given immediately as soon as the auto faucet starts payments are sent every minute.

What is The Minimum Payment Amount?

There is no minimum payment or threshold. Payments are automatically sent to your faucethub account.

What is a Auto Faucet?

Bitcoin faucet is a website or a webpage that gives away free cryptocurrency every 1 minute. Members can claim in our auto faucet and earn free coins. The ad revenue is used to reward our members for their visit. Our faucet page require members to turn off any adBlocker. The use of VPN to access the page is is prohibited.

Referral Earning?

Members who invited other members and use their referral link to join will get 20% on faucet claims. Each member has a unique referral link. It is in the dashboard area. Members can share it to different social media platform to get referrals.

Important Rules:

  • One member account only for one internet connection.
  • Do not use VPN (Virtual Private Network).
  • Do not use bots.
  • Your account will be suspended if you break the rules.

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